About US

Sphinx University in Assiut is an accredited private university and is one of the top¬rated ones worldwide, it seeks to provide an extraordinary level of education, scientific research and community development. It was established in line with the presidential decree no. 36 of 2019 issued by the president of the Arab Republic of Egypt, to be situated in New Assiut, one of the most promising urban communities in Upper Egypt. It comprises faculties of:

  • Oral and Dental medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Nursing
  • Applied Health Sciences
  • Engineering


An accredited globally high-rated university that delivers an outstanding level of education, scientific research and community development.


To mobilize and harness all of the available potentials and capacities in order to realize the futuristic vision by providing high-quality education that qualifies students to fulfill the present and future requirements, supplying the local labor markets with privileged graduates who are capable of being competitive in the regional and global markets. And also to develop a superb university in scientific and technological researches, especially the community-related ones.


An outstanding graduate who is capable of innovating and competing in the labor market through continuously improving the educational capacity, boosting and encouraging the students’ innovation and developing student activities and healthcare programs.

Promoting openness to universities worldwide by transferring students and academic staff members to and from world-class universities which helps the graduates acquire international knowledge and skills that qualify them to be globally competitive.

Excellent scientific research by allocating huge financial capacities, linking between the scientific research and the society needs, integrating with the global scientific community and formulating a clear research agenda for the university.

A purposeful postgraduate sector with an outstanding postgraduate educational plan, providing capabilities for studying and scientific research with the aim of preparing cadres of staff members and all disciplines of the university, through provision of studying and researching potentials and approving a plan to send young researchers to international universities.

Establishing an effective administrative system through: Attracting the best administrative competencies available. Offering advanced training courses in administration. Continuous improving and upgrading of the administrative structure.

Connecting the university with the surrounding community through:

  • Inclusion of a relevant dedicated department in the organizational structure of the university along with full description regarding structure, terms of reference and resources.
  • Activation of the role of service units of the university to serve the surrounding community.
  • Raising the awareness of the environmental and social issues
  • Offering scholarships for hard-working members of the surrounding community.

Qualifying all of the university colleges for accreditation through:

  • Creating a central unit in the university for quality assurance and accreditation affiliated with smaller units for each college.
  • Provision of financial support for qualification requirements.
  • Spreading the awareness of how important it is to obtain such accreditation.