Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine


We plan to enable the faculty of oral and dental medicine to become accredited nationally and internationally in order to increase the scope of employability of its graduates and to become a leader in community service in the region. And to compete with those in the very best universities in the Middle East through teaching the latest technologies developed in the world, upgrading teaching facilities, and improving existing programs.


Our mission is to graduate well-prepared innovative dentists able to fulfill their professional and social duties, through promoting optimal oral and general health on the national and regional levels by educational, research, patient care and contributing to the improvement of oral health and quality of life.

Strategic objectives:

The faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine has the following strategic objectives:


The faculty is dedicated to improve analytical thinking capacity and problem solving attitudes of its dental students while preparing them as expert clinicians with adequate biomedical knowledge.

Dental students will understand not just how to apply science to practice, but how to employ compassion in the management and treatment of human illness.

Develop continuing education programs for graduates and professionals to promote active life-long learning opportunities.


Increase the knowledge base in all areas related to oral health through an extensive research program carried out by faculty members in all dental disciplines, whether academic or clinical specialties, with special emphasis on the epidemiological and clinical research rendering service to the Egyptian community.

Patient Care:

To achieve a high-quality patient service, free of charge and, to maintain a clinical education system which stimulates a contemporary, high quality practice of general dentistry.

Community Service:

Interact with the community by providing both campus-based and outreach dental treatment programs.

Faculty Departments

The Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine consist of nine main departments. These departments teach and supervise integrated courses throughout the complete study plan to offer the Bachelor Degree in Oral and Dental Medicine.

  • Department of Oral Biology
  • Department of Biomaterials.
  • Department of Oral Pathology.
  • Department of Conservative Dentistry.
  • Department of Removable Prosthodontics.
  • Department of Oral Surgery & Anesthesia.
  • Department of Oral Medicine.
  • Department of Orthodontics.
  • Department of Pediatric and Community Dentistry.
  • Supplementary General Sciences (SGS)
  • Supplementary Medical Sciences (SMS)