Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine

The Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine plans to enable to become accredited nationally and internationally in order to increase the scope of employability of its graduates and to become a leader in community service in the region.

Faculty of Pharmacy

Established in 2020, It maintains its excellent reputation through regular curricular revisions and upgraded teaching and learning methodologies.All aspects of the Faculty are subject to quality assurance and reflect the high academic standards .

Faculty of Physical Therapy

That the College of Physical Therapy, Sphinx University, be a pioneer and distinguished academic model in education, scientific research, and community service at the national, regional and international levels.

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Faculty of engineering- Sphinx University is a private educational institution that presents academic programs in engineering sciences to prepare highly educated graduates qualified enough to meet both national and local labor market .



Each Faculty has a library which provides students with technological equipment and scientific references in different departments and fields.


The university has established three copy centers are at the disposal of students wishing to copy lecture notes and handouts.


The University provides buses to transport commuting students to and from the University for an annual fees decided by the university administration..


Several cafeterias have been established which serves different meals, soft and hot drinks for students, staff and all employees for reasonable prices.


The university provides students with internet services. All students can easily connect to the internet .


A wide area has been prepared as a parking for students’ cars.


Taking into consideration students with special needs, the university buildings have been designed to serve them.