Faculty Goals and Objectives

  • Development of education methods, encouragement of self-learning and learning that is based on competencies development, effective communication enhancement, leadership and entrepreneurship.
  • Graduating exceptional clinical pharmacists who are qualified to work in public and private pharmacies, pharmaceuticals companies, drug control and food analysis laboratories, hospitals and healthcare centers as well as in the field of media, marketing, researches, universities and drug information centers.
  • Commitment to meet the quality standards in the pharmaceutical education.
  • Provision of extraordinary academic and training programs to increase the competitiveness of the program graduates regionally.
  • Raising the health awareness of patients and rationalizing drug consumption in the hospitals.
  • To support the purposeful scientific research community that is oriented to serve the society and develop the environment.
  • To focus on the role of pharmacists when it comes to provision of adequate healthcare for patients inside and outside the hospitals.