Mission & Vision


Seeking to provide an outstanding level of pharmaceutical education, scientific research and social development in an effort to achieve leadership and excellence both locally and regionally.


To mobilize potentials and employ them to provide an educational program that is compatible with the quality standards in order to supply the labor market with distinct pharmacists who have professional competency, ethical values and are able to compete in the pharmaceutical field; we are also committed to upgrade the purposeful scientific research system and maximize the community participation.

The program vision

To achieve scientific excellence and continuous development to serve the pharmaceutical healthcare system, and also to reach a highly advanced level in the field of clinical pharmacy.

The program message

To offer an exceptional educational program that complies with the quality standards in order to prepare pharmacists who are well qualified to participate in leveling up the healthcare system efficiency locally and regionally, and to cooperate professionally with the medical staffs in hospitals and healthcare centers by defining the right dosages and medical interventions.