Faculty of Physical Therapy


That the College of Physical Therapy, Sphinx University, be a pioneer and distinguished academic model in education, scientific research, and community service at the national, regional and international levels.


The College of Physical Therapy - Sphinx University is committed to preparing a professional graduate who is able to meet the needs of the local and regional labor market and a researcher who is able to contribute to the development of the health system to support the provision of health care to citizens in light of the values, customs and cultures of society.

College Goals and Strategic Objectives:

The study of Physical Therapy aims to achieve the following goals and strategic objectives:

  • Promote and develop teaching and learning and develop policies to solve educational problems and provide appropriate educational environment. Update the educational program to meet the requirements of quality of education and the labor market.
  • Development of teaching, learning and evaluation strategies in the college.
  • Development and promotion of student support as well as student activities.
  • Developing students' scientific and personal skills and encouraging them to self-learning.
  • Strengthening academic and administrative capabilities.
  • Reaching the standard ratios between college staff and co-staff in relation to the students' numbers.
  • Developing the capabilities and skills of the college's teaching staff, co-staff, and employees.
  • Developing continuous performance appraisal systems.
  • Modernizing systems for measuring the opinions of the college's teaching staff, co-staff, and employees.
  • Activating the educational process in postgraduate studies
  • Promote and develop community services and environmental development.
  • Activating community participation programs to serve the community and develop the environment.
  • Expanding companies and agreements activated with medical and service institutions in the field of community service and environmental development.
  • Gaining community confidence about the performance and services provided by the college.
  • Supporting the college's quality systems.
  • Development and activation of quality management systems.
  • Modernizing the means of support and motivation in the field of quality and development.

Faculty Departments

  • Basic Sciences
  • Physical Therapy for Orthopedics and its Surgery
  • Physical Therapy for Internal Medicine and Geriatrics
  • Physical Therapy for Neurology and its Surgery
  • Physical Therapy for Pediatrics and its Surgery and Woman Health