Decent work and economic growth

A basic priority for Sphinx University is to build scientific and practical capabilities according to the latest educational and professional systems. It is necessary since technological developments reflected in the nature of the labor market and the quality of jobs have been so rapid. The university thrives to promote a sustainable, inclusive and productive employment opportunity for all individuals.

  • Employment practice

    According to article no 1 of our Labor Law Regulations, Sphinx university follows the provisions of Egypt Labor Law No 12 of 2003 which have codes for:

    • Employment practice to pay all staff and faculty at least the living wage
    • Employment policy on ending discrimination in the workplace
    • Employment policy forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking, and child labour.
    • Employment practice equivalent rights of workers when outsourcing activities
    • Employment policy and tracking of pay scale for gender equity
    • Employment policy and Tracking
    • Employment practice appeal process