Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Sphinx University has set among its priorities to invest in scientific research, technical and vocational education to aid in improving the infrastructure and qualification of human resources.
  • Researchers in Sphinx university are encouraged to work within the scope of this SDG as a part of the university research plan. This comes as a part of the Egyptian governmental goals to foster innovation and encourage the population’s scientific and practical capabilities. As a way of showing appreciation and encouragement, Chairman of Sphinx University Board of Trustees has allocated the annual scientific Mohamed Rabie research award, in various scientific fields, for those distinct researchers for their contribution in developing both science and community and for their participation in achieving Egypt’s vision 2030.
  • Among our services is the provision of free internet access to campus staff and students. To add, Sphinx University, since the beginning of its invigoration, has benefited the surrounding community infrastructure through providing new well-established roads and traffic control.